Best in Class Savings Calculations

Part 1:

Our company is interested in benchmarking with SIG members on best in class savings calculations, savings tracking, cost recovery, and cost avoidance, specifically:

  1. What company do you use for Industry Average and Best in Class savings measurements?
  2. How does your company define cost avoidance and cost reduction?
  3. What calculation does your company use to calculate cost avoidance and cost reductions?
  4. How does your company account for pre-negotiated contract discounts or annual renewals in savings calculation?


Part 2:

SIG is gathering buy-side companies and provider-thought leaders who are interested in this subject matter and would like to build a user group or working group and expand the available resources on this topic (e.g. your network of experts, tools & templates).

Would you be interested in joining this group-discussion? Are you joining us at the upcoming Summit?

 If you wish to donate any templates or tools to this inquirer or to the SIG Resource Center, please feel free to email Mary Zampino directly at All templates and tools can be scrubbed by SIG and approved by you before posting.

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