Outsource Talks #8 with Edward Hansen, Gary Malhotra and Thom Mead

Date :October 19, 2016 07:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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For the second time, our groundbreaking webinar series comes to you from Sourcing Industry Group's Global Summit, SIG's biannual flagship event took place this time round in Carlsbad, California. Join host Jamie Liddell as he reports live from this incredible conference, bringing together a panel drawn from the Summit's movers and shakers to discuss some of the big issues capturing delegates' attention.

Unlike with "normal" Outsource Talks, the panel will only be finalised at the event, pulling in some of the stars of the first half of the Summit; regular Outsource Talks attendees, though, will know that whoever's on the panel the conversation will be compelling, informative and entertaining in equal measure. One panellist has, however, already been confirmed - so roll out the red carpet and put your hands together for the marvellous Thom Mead, author of some of the best-received articles to grace Outsource's electronic pages in 2016.

Thom and his fellow guests will be going live to the sourcing, outsourcing and business transformation masses on Wednesday October 19th; the feast of thought leadership they'll lay on will be especially appreciated as it'll be breakfast time in California (7am Pacific; 10am Eastern; 3pm UK; 7.30pm India). So why not tuck in yourselves - gorge yourselves, even, on our panel's wit and wisdom, as Outsource Talks #8 tackles the most prominent topics arising at the Summit, along with our audience's own questions? Once again, we're also taking questions in advance: send yours through to host Jamie Liddell at jliddell@sig.org - and watch this space for details of more panellists as we get closer to the Summit. We look forward to seeing you there...

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