Outsource Talks #4 with Mark Pollack, Richard Jones, Paul Morrison

Date :June 15, 2016
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It’s Outsource Talks time again! Outsourcing’s most innovative and entertaining webinar returns for a fourth installment on Wednesday June 15, and you’re all invited!

This month, Outsource editor-in-chief Jamie Liddell is joined by another four of the brightest stars in the outsourcing cosmos to take on the big (and not so big) issues of the day… On the Outsource Talks sofa this time around we’ll have genuine outsourcing royalty in the form of Richard Jones, chairman of RPA specialists Genfour and procurement outsourcers and advisors Proxima Group (as well as board advisor to Ovation Incentives, Blue Prism and an array of other organisations); Aecus partner (and author of Outsource’s Live Wires column) Paul Morrison; and Atul Vashistha, CEO and chairman of global services and sourcing advisory firm NeoGroup (and recent Outsource interviewee); and the Vice President of SIG University, Mark Pollack: an amazing panel by any standards, and one we hope will be joined on the day by as many of you as possible (ready, of course, with your most penetrating and provocative questions).

As usual, Outsource Talks #4 will see our panellists interviewed one-on-one for the first half of the show before being turned over to the gentle embrace of the audience for Q&A and intra-panel discussion. We’ll be covering topics such as robotic process automation, the importance of (and challenges relating to) nearshoring, the professionalisation of the sourcing function and many more – including, of course, any topics of interest to our audience; so, if you’d like to hear from and put questions to three of the most perspicacious and well-informed figures in the global sourcing and outsourcing community, join us on Wednesday June 15 at 3pm UK time (7.30pm India; 10am Eastern; 7am Pacific) and prepare to be enthralled…

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