Outsource Talks #3 with Rachael Stormonth, Dimitri Zakharov, & Michael Markos

Date :May 18, 2016 07:00 pm EST
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The talkshow that puts the entertainment into the global outsourcing industry continues! Join us for the third installment of Outsource Talks, our unique webinar series putting you up close and personal with some of the biggest and brightest stars in the outsourcing firmament...

This month, Outsource editor-in-chief Jamie Liddell is joined by NelsonHall's Rachael Stormonth, Alsbridge's Michael Markos and Dimitri Zakharov of impact sourcing specialists Impact Enterprises - plus a fourth special guest TBD - to get their take on some of the key issues at play in the sourcing and outsourcing space today. As those familiar with the Outsource Talks model will know, we'll be going one-to-one with our panellists over the first half of the show, before opening up the webinar for questions from the virtual floor - so if you want to steal a march on the rest of the audience, why not send your questions through in advance to the editor at jliddell@sig.org?

The first two Outsource Talks webinars have delivered information and entertainment in equal measure, and we're confident that this episode will continue in the same vein - so make sure you're a part of it, by joining Jamie and the panel on Wednesday May 18. For more information (and to give your suggestions for future guests) write to the editor at jliddell@sig.org.

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