Catalyzing Cognitive Procurement: Ally with A.I.

Date :November 16, 2021 01:00 pm ET (UTC-5)
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The Future of Procurement will be shaped by AI’s promise to autonomously automate tactical, transactional processes, while infusing strategic decision-making with analytical insights that create competitive advantage.  

This LIVE webinar will help you to dissect & understand – the strategies for harnessing AI’s transformative properties today, and future-proofing your path to the Cognitive Procurement of tomorrow, by examining these key concepts:

  • The Catalysts for Cognitive - Why The time for Cognitive Procurement is Now
  • Navigating Potential Roadblocks:  AI’s Ethics and Enablers
  • Readiness Review – Preparing the Procurement Organization
  • The Path to Productivity – the Roadmap for Implementing Cognitive


 Meet the speakers:


Richard Waugh, VP Corporate Development at Zycus, has an extensive background in B2B eCommerce, going back to his early career at GE, where he helped launch GE'S Trading Process Network (TPN), the first on-line Marketplace for Sourcing and Procurement in the mid 1990's. He was Co-Founder of B2eMarkets, one of the first SaaS (Software as a Service) Sourcing Suite providers and later covered the Supply Management market as an Industry Analyst for the Aberdeen Group. 

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