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The New Normal: How the COVID-19 Disruption Will Redefine Procurement and Supply Chain Strategies

COVID-19 has upended global procurement and supply chains, exposing critical gaps and vulnerabilities.

It's time to change the rule books. It's time to organize for the new "normal."

In a new analysis piece - The New Normal: How COVID-19 Will Redefine Procurement & Supply Chain Strategies - GEP's experts discuss how the pandemic would bring about a paradigm shift in enterprise priorities. They also share specific steps you can take now to prepare for this strategic transition.

What's Inside:

  • Why businesses would now be willing to pay a premium for supply continuity
  • How supplier diversification will increasingly be a top priority
  • Why supply risk from now on would be as critical as, if not more than, financial risk
  • Read today to understand the new enterprise priorities and align your procurement and supply chain strategies for the post-pandemic world.