Michele Wesseling

Associate Vice President | Global Third Party Management Office
TD Securities

After an extensive career in the retail sector purchasing soft and hard goods from manufacturers and wholesalers, managing logistics, and working with technology providers, Michele switched to the financial industry ten years ago. Upon joining, she found herself managing a very different type of supplier in a very different environment. With the aftermath of the financial crisis in full swing, and regulators ramping up their third-party regulations, Michele faced the challenge of aligning the internal practices for third party due diligence and risk mitigation as a top priority. Interestingly, Michele observed that the art of procurement didn't change one bit from industry to industry. The commodities and services purchased change dramatically every year, and most of the people she encountered didn't understand procurement practices, offering her an interesting and fun challenge! 

Today, Michele leads the Vendor Management Office accountable for TD Bank's Commercial Platforms, which includes Canadian Banking, Wealth, TD Securities, Insurance, Data & Corporate. In addition, Michele leads the Technology Vendor Management Enablement Team, who develop best practices and tools to streamline work effort. This aligns with her passion to create an environment where Vendor Managers can work smarter rather than harder.