Keynote Session: The Power of Storytelling

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 14:30

Save time and conquer chaos with a clear message 

How many marketing and communication classes did you take in school? One, two, or maybe even zero? If you're like most procurement professionals, you likely put the branding, marketing, and audience building classes aside. Yet, a critical part of your job is building the procurement brand. And a brand promise is based on experience - you must live your story. As a Procurement leader, you tell stories every day. But telling a clear story that aligns stakeholders and moves people to action isn't easy. How can you conquer chaos and move forward? Start by adopting a communication framework that gets results. 

In this session, you'll learn how to put the power of storytelling to work for you to save time and make a larger impact in your organization. Now - more than ever - your organization needs to know your story and how you can support business growth, recovery, and transformation. That's why we are bringing in Josh Brammer, a storytelling expert and marketing coach, who has spent the last decade using stories to grow hundreds of brands. He will help you improve your communication through the power of clear stories. Leaders who communicate clearly help their teams win the day and thrive in these unique times. Don't let marketing have all the fun! Join this session to learn:

  • Tips to craft a clear message so more people take action 
  • How to better communicate Procurement's expertise and potential
  • Tactics to create simple and clear stories to unite your teams
  • How to get your team on the same page about your organization's message

Greg Anderson

Senior Vice President
WNS Denali

Greg Anderson is Senior Vice President of Sales in North America at WNS Denali. He is a proven expert in Supply Chain and Procurement Managed Services and Technology solutions. Greg has over two decades of cross-industry sales and marketing leadership experience. Prior to WNS, Greg held leadership positions at Ivalua, Pensiamo, Directworks, Tenzing Consulting, SmartOps, Ariba, FreeMarkets, GE, and PPG.

Josh Brammer

B2B Marketing Consultant and Growth Coach

For over a decade, Josh Brammer has managed the “behind the scenes” of website and marketing firms. Frustrated that so many leaders didn’t have the tools they need to communicate, market and grow effectively, he started Lantern — a marketing coaching firm dedicated to helping professional firms simplify their marketing with a clear message and plan. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, his mission is to give leaders the clarity, focus and tools they need to conquer marketing chaos and grow their business with confidence.