John Castelhano

John Castelhano is a charismatic, passionate, innovative, and accomplished professional with over 30 years of Sourcing Leadership experience who is stimulated by challenges and diversity.

Since 2012 John has led the BGIS Strategic Sourcing team through several large-scale positive changes bringing innovation and energy to the way BGIS manages their supply chain. He has brought to life the vision of having his team be leveraged as a competitive advantage in securing new business opportunities and strengthening existing business relationships.

John has played an integral role in establishing and advancing the sustainable and diverse procurement program, guiding BGIS towards integrating social considerations in purchasing decisions to promote a more sustainable way of doing business. John’s leadership has been integral in advancing the BGIS Supplier Diversity & Inclusion program and initiatives which have exhibited steady year-over-year progress. As a Corporate member, BGIS have supported numerous initiatives, events, matchmaker sessions that have been organized and hosted by SIG and the other organizations. In 2020 John ensured the BGIS executive’s support and commitment to Supplier Diversity & Inclusion which greatly contributed to the BGIS advancement in the field. Each year, since 2016, BGIS spend with Diverse Suppliers has doubled – achieving $78.7M in 2021. 

Vice-President, Strategic Sourcing, North America
BGIS Global Integrated Solutions