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Innovations in VMS (Vendor Management Systems) Technology from Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)

This research compares the top seven providers in the Vendor Management Systems sector and evaluates their newest enhancements. We take a deep dive into how they have innovated their systems to offer a more efficient technology that adopts so much of the current advances in enterprise software. This includes integrated mobile technology and Artificial Intelligence into mature systems to make them more powerful and user-friendly. Our research shows how providers are using a massive amount of data to drive actionable initiatives through analytics. This study provides buyers with the nuances in new technology releases and predicts which system(s) will be capable of taking their business into the next decade.

Content includes:
- A forward by John Sculley
- Brief History of VMS Technology
- Executive Summary including most common innovations
- Participating Company Profiles
- Innovations and Capabilities
- Visions for the Future
- Sample RFP and more!

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