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Innovations in Talent: A Lesson on Learning by Doing: How One University is Rethinking How it Teaches Contracting

UT wanted a way to bring the Vested sourcing business model to life beyond a traditional classroom and online courses. The solution? We "flipped" the conventional learning model on its head to be not only be "real time" but to enable "RealPlay®" vs. role-play. Now a buyer-supplier team takes an online course together at their own pace. They use the toolkit provided with the course to work on a real deal in real time, taking a module to "learn" and then completing deliverables to "do" in real time. Their "homework" is their contract. And if they want a helping hand they can work with a regional/local Center of Excellence. 


About the Future of Sourcing Awards

The 2018 inaugural Future of Sourcing Awards program recognized organizations that showed innovation, leadership and transformation in categories critical to the sourcing industry. The Awards brought together some of the brightest minds, the best insights and the most relevant topics and created a truly remarkable experience. In eight categories our esteemed judges selected three finalists from many innovations in sourcing, outsourcing, third party management, supplier performance, digitization, governance/compliance, talent management, and sustainability. 

Each nominee was invited to discuss their innovations in a podcast for The Sourcing Industry Landscape as well as a Ted-style Talk at the SIG 2018 Fall Global Summit. Finally, each nominee was asked to provide a handout for their Talk. 


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