Improve Contract Negotiations with Relationship Management

Jul 10 2019

Danny Ertel is a Founding Partner with Vantage Partners located in Boston, Massachusetts. He joins the podcast to explain how procurement and supply chain teams can do more for the organization by aligning with the businesses that they support instead of acting as the “procurement police” and focusing only on enforcing policies. Many organizations want to be innovative, but don't invest in the skills and culture it takes to do that. Danny also talks about how automation and artificial intelligence changes negotiations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define your goals and what success looks like in your negotiation process by solving the different problems that parties bring to the table.
  • You don’t need smart men and women doing things that macros and bots can do, but human intuition, interaction and strategies cannot be automated.
  • To become a better strategic partner, be curious, humble and clear about your “why" in any business transformation.