How Procurement Can Drive ESG Goals for the Enterprise

An enterprise’s environmental and social impact has a lot of components — the raw materials it sources, how it runs operations, and how goods are packaged and delivered. Bottom line: supplier spend is critical when striving to achieve ESG targets. What steps can procurement leaders take to maximize ESG results? 

A new GEP-EcoVadis collaborative white paper — How Procurement Can Drive ESG Goals for the Enterprise — outlines how procurement must evolve to meet sustainability goals. Gain valuable insights into the role of technology and a real-life example of how one enterprise empowered its procurement team.

What’s Inside:

•How ESG performance insights can influence procurement decisions

•Why you need to apply targeted procurement strategies to meet ESG goals

•How a global telecom giant leveraged risk analysis and used a sustainability score to keep on track

This paper is a must-read for procurement leaders looking to equip their teams to boost ESG outcomes.