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GEP Outlook 2020

COVID-19 has thrown the global economy into flux. And with that, has triggered a rapid shift in enterprise goals and priorities.

Amid this volatility, how should procurement and supply chain teams organize for the rest of 2020 - and beyond? What should you be doing now to thrive in the new normal?

For starters, read the latest, post COVID-19 issue of the GEP Outlook 2020 Report.

In this timely report, GEP's experts analyze global business and macroeconomic dynamics currently at play, and how they will shape procurement and supply chain agenda for the near future. The report also outlines specific priorities and focus areas to help you deliver on rapidly shifting enterprise expectations.

Why You Should Read This Report, Now:

  • Understand current business dynamics and their impact on your goals and objectives
  • Know the key functional areas that require an immediate shift in strategy
  • Learn about new capabilities and technologies that you'd need to succeed now and tomorrow

Please click here to download this report. 

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