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SIG has partnered with GEP to provide exclusive thought leadership for procurement and supply chain leaders worldwide.  Organizations that need software, process, and industry expertise now have one place to go.
As a member of SIG, you've been generously provided free access to proprietary research, white papers, webinars, case studies, videos, and more — all focused on the latest trends and topics in procurement and supply chain strategy, processes, and technology.
The past few years have brought dramatic changes to procurement business models. Procurement leaders are
increasingly being evaluated not just for operational effectiveness but for their teams’ ability to make strategic
contributions to the overall business.  Get the latest trends and information to help you and your organization out today.
 We operate in a complex and volatile world.  Organizations are facing complex supply chain challenges from unpredictable
disruptions and changing patterns of demand. The supply chains need to ensure business continuity and resilience, reduce
costs, and fulfill customer demand and support business growth.
 Net-zero emissions. Supply chain sustainability. Supplier diversity.  These aren’t just good-to-have goals anymore.
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices sit at the heart of business strategy today as companies
respond to new expectations of consumers, investors, governments, and employees.  Learn more about what you can be doing. 



About GEP

As a recognized global leader in procurement and supply chain transformation, GEP combines strategic thinking with innovative technology to deliver game-changing business outcomes. Every day, all over the world, GEP helps hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises — in every major industry, in every major market — operate more efficiently and effectively, gain competitive advantage, boost profitability, and maximize business and shareholder value. And so, the insights GEP provides are based on real problems faced by its clients and focus on practical solutions.