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This overview provides guidelines on building a transparent reporting program for insight into Office Supply spend.

Recommended service levels for governing HRO providers.

Industry Staffing Challenges

- Today's Employment Demographics and Staffing Forecasts

- What This Means for Sourcing/Outsourcing Organizations

- Key Steps for...

Process improvement drives opportunity, this presentation is about recap of the Regions journey about its people, process, risk and technology, Case study on LOB engagement, benefits and results...

HealthNet | SAP

Two and a half years ago HealthNet presented at SIG about the business case for procurement transformation. Today, that holistic transformation has been by and...

Typically organizations have three areas of focus in evaluating and then deploying contract lifecycle management (CLM) software solutions: contract visibility, contract creation/authoring and...

This presentation talks about District-Clark County School District

– Overview

– Reasons for Change

• Project
- SAP ERP/SRM Implementation