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During this presentation, you will hear about Microsoft's world-class best practices within their fulfillment centers and shared services organizations. You will see how Microsoft supports and has...

This workbook is designed to guide in-house counsel as they consider whether and how to improve the operation of their law departments through legal process outsourcing (�LPO�). While there...

A thorough white paper on the buyer/seller collaborative relationship

White paper explains "multi-sourcing" as a means to create a more productive sourcing environment and bring better results.

Review of the impact of the financial meltdown on the energy, metals, resins, chemicals, and labor markets.

Paper addresses improvement opportunities using Advanced Planning Scheduling and alternative approaches.

Stages, risks and best practices for offshore outsourcing.

Outsourcing possibilities and pitfalls in China.

Article presenting results from survey on HRO.

Presentation outlines the importance of maintaining good supplier performance goals beyond the sourcing process.