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Why and what should be renegotiated, steps in renegotiation process, factors in a successful negotiation.

Oldcastle Architectural, Inc. ‰ Why is this important? ‰ Procurement experience in a decentralized business ‰ Key success factors in a decentralized business ‰ Expanding and maturing the program...

NBCU Delivery model, Challenges for offshore in times of Geopolitical and Economic turbulence, managing outsourcing risk, overcoming challenges with a near shore model, Benefits of the model.

10 Proven ways to optimize the arrangements and reduce costs, 4 strategies to reduce costs and deliver measurable value.

Rebooting After the
Excess Era:
Prospering in the Less-is-More Era.

Presentation discussing survey results about offshoring.

Existing challenges, new challenges and new opportunities in IT , Infrastructure as a process, process improvement case study, integrated infrastructure journey, right blend of support, cost...

What Avaya CAD did for outsourcing the IP phone software, detailed results, finding a trusted partner, well defined roadmap for ensuring success, avoiding common pitfalls.

Objective of shared services, why we outsourced, Bremer blue goes green program, Oce commitment to the environment, green initiatives, environmental facts, green campaign roll ideas, program...

Ontario's Nearshore advantage, strong and successful providers of Ontario's outsourcing industry, outsourcing lessons learned from a procurement perspective, risk management processes, risk rate...