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In a global marketplace characterized by ever increasing levels of competition, companies need to reorient themselves to systematically identify and capitalize on ways to create value with their...

This presentation from SAP provides an overview of Supplier Risk Management, and outlines the inherent risks of the supply chain, the top issues for executives, the impact of the current economy...

Paper discusses issues surrounding offshore security and ways to manage risk.

White paper discusses how to have a shared innovation arrangement in an outsourcing relationship.

The Call to Action for Enhanced Procurement Talent Management.

Article based on on-going teleconferences - provides suggestions for making PMO successful.

Outsourcing to its core competency, thereby providing better service to clients.

Alert article to caution companies against panicking and jumping into outsourcing contracts too soon.

Articles outlines bundled outsourcing opportunities and some examples of where the process can benefit your business.

Article explains the methodology and potential pitfalls of developing an outsourcing strategy.