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This resource contains sections on: Using Decision Trees with Other Modeling Approaches, Why Are Decision Trees So Useful? and Level of Measurement.

Measuring and managing exchange rate risk exposure is important for reducing a firm's vulnerabilities from major exchange rate movements, which could adversely affect profit margins and the value...

Lack of clarity around supplier performance (especially for suppliers of services related to clinical trials and other complex projects) made it impossible to identify the best suppliers with whom...

White paper discusses change readiness in the context of operational innovation.

White paper can help buyers understand language and indexes for COLA language.

How and why to renegotiate your current outsourcing contracts and things to consider.

High-level overview of Outsourcing Management/governance software options.

Offshore outsourcing case study of Sun Microsystems, including process followed and learnings.

Presentation on how to govern and manage your outsourcing relationships and deal with potential issues.

Transition process and best practices for outsourcing.