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Use this workbook to build guidelines and a scorecard for evaluating your supplier performance.

Use this template as a guideline for building a survey to assess user satisfaction with travel services provided by you or a third party.

Use this template as a guideline for building a questionnaire for assessing your suppliers' sustainability efforts. The questionnaire covers Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Actions, and requests...

Download this Travel Policy donated by a SIG Member from the Financial industry

This annual PayStream Advisors Travel and Expense Management Benchmark report provides a comparative look at the past two years and reveals TEM trends, as identified by finance and accounting...

Looking for feedback on using a consulting firm to help implement a Global T&E Card /P-Card program and which firm did you use and were they good.

VELOCITY is Oliver Wyman’s annual journal on travel, transport, and logistics. We’ve updated our name to reflect the fast-changing nature of these industries today.

Digital disruptors are...