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Use this document to build an RFx for Digital Marketing and other services. This template includes language for the Scope of work, Evaluation Criteria, and Proposal Requirements.

Use the contents of this document as a guideline for building a services SOW for increasing brand awareness through mobile bar deployments, managed by a marketing agency.

There are only so many ways you can type a category such as “MRO” into a search engine before the results provide the same white papers and advertisements. How can...

ANA fielded a survey in December 2012/January 2013 to better understand the metrics used to measure the success/ contribution of the marketing procurement organization.

The survey focused...

The business landscape continues to evolve; companies are increasingly dependent upon 3rd parties. 3rd parties can include suppliers, contractors/consultants, distribution partners, resellers,...

Use this tool to support process improvement practices and improve procurement ROI. The document supports process improvement events by providing a checklist for major milestones in the event.

Use this template as a guideline for building an RFP for the Agency of Record for Interactive Marketing and Advertising, Website Design & Maintenance, and Customer Relationship Marketing

Use this template as a guideline for building an RFP for Full-Service Advertising Agency.

Use this template as a guideline to build and RFP for Direct Marketing spend. This document covers deliverables, key criteria in supplier selection, scope, staff & budget allocation.

Use this template as a guideline for building a questionnaire for your suppliers to assess your company's operations, with respect to engineering, sourcing, procurement, finance & accounting,...