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ANA fielded a survey in December 2012/January 2013 to better understand the metrics used to measure the success/ contribution of the marketing procurement organization.

The survey focused...

Use this tool to help categorize your spend for FM building repair and maintenance.

The Performance Scorecard evaluates a supplier based upon six (6) areas: Technology, Quality, Support, Delivery, Business, and Economics. This workbook contains macros necessary for completing the...

Use this tool to support process improvement practices and improve procurement ROI. The document supports process improvement events by providing a checklist for major milestones in the event.

Use this tool to score your top tier suppliers and assess for opportunities for partnership. This workbook contains macros.

The Renegotiation Strategy 101: Initial Checklist and Readiness Self-Assessment can assist with establishing a fundamental framework for charting your course toward renegotiating, prior to a...

Use this tool as a guideline for building transactional workflows for your procurement operations.

Download this Travel Policy donated by a SIG Member from the Financial industry

Use this tool as a guideline for negotiations with suppliers in agreements that concern intellectual property (IP).