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Most business integration value
propositions rely heavily on cost
reduction. In any merger or
acquisition, it's procurement that
generates a substantial amount of the...

SIG and Oliver Wyman created this Journal for the senior Procurement Executive responsible for guiding their companies in what may be the most challenging period in the history of Procurement....

This research compares the top seven providers in the Vendor Management Systems sector and evaluates their newest enhancements. We take a deep dive into how they have innovated their systems to...

A CPO's complete reference guide to sustainable performance improvement through strategic sourcing and procurement management.

This abridged version of the study contains a snapshot of the most popular performance metrics and best practices for the P2P Process in a high-level format.

Health care providers across the globe find themselves in a persistent tug-of-war with increased demand for services on one side and rapidly rising costs on the other. Health spending is expected...

PwC’s fifth annual survey designed to give corporate compliance officers the benchmarking data they need in order to understand common industry practices today and plan for more-effective, more-...

How CMOs are Maximizing Agency ROI in a Time of Cost-Cutting and Competition

The Right Timing Can Help CMOs to Optimize Savings, Efficiency, and Trust.

How the Right Auditor Can Help CMOs Maximize Value and Achieve Key Objectives