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Use the contents of this document as a guideline for building a services SOW for increasing brand awareness through mobile bar deployments, managed by a marketing agency.

Use this template as a guideline for building an RFx for Small Parcel services. The template includes detailed scope of work, requirements, and even evaluation criteria with weights.

Use this template as a guideline to downsizing suppliers who have already responded to an RFP for Print Spend.

Use this short-form template as a guideline for building an SOW with your independent contractors. The form covers the scope of work, deliverable schedule, acceptance criteria, period of...

The scope of this RFP includes Freight Pre-Audit, Payment, Data Management and Logistics Support for all inbound and outbound logistics/transportation services.

Use this template as a guideline for building a contract for training services.

On day one of the annual SIG Global Sourcing Summit held in Amelia Island, Florida, Ernst & Young hosted an Executive Roundtable centered on Outsourcing. Here, approximately 30 senior...

Big data—enormous data sets virtually impossible to process with conventional technology—offers a big advantage for companies that learn how to harness it.

This presentation covers:

  • State of Procurement 2012 vs. Spring 2013
  • Pressures Facing CPOs
  • Trends to Watch
    • Emerging Markets
    • Tail End Spend
    • ...

The latest trends in:

  • Best Practices
  • Performance Metrics and Activity Based Costing
  • Category Spend Discussion
    • Print Services
    • Management...