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This is an RFI worksheet template for wireless telecom (mobile telephony).

Use this template as an RFI for PC Hardware. The template addresses: Background Project Scope, General Company Information, Operating Systems, Imaging, Warranty and Support, Commercial...

Use this template as a guideline for building an RFx for mailroom services.

This is a sample RFP package for Managed Print Solution Copier, Fax, Scanner and Printed Output.

Use this comprehensive template as a guideline to build a Master Agreement for Construction Services.

Use this comprehensive template as a guideline to build an RFP for Corporate Real Estate Facilities Management

This video provides an excellent overview of supply chain management risk and includes such learning objectives as; the critical nature of supply chains today, sources of risk for modern supply...

Use this template to measure global employee relocation service providers.

In the course of conducting Company business, teammates may need to incur business-related expenses for which personal reimbursement is appropriate. The purpose of this standard is to: Document...

Use this as a guideline to build a policy for travel and business expenses.