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Use this worksheet to perform due diligence on your suppliers.

Use this template as a guideline for collecting and evaluation a supplier's financial health. The tool includes a formula to calculate z-scores (for non-manufacturing firms), which predicts...

Use this sample as a guideline for building policies on assigning contract signing authority levels.

While creating a strategic sourcing structure, companies should design for maximum benefit. During this design phase, one should consider the company size, resources and organizational needs in...

This spreadsheet is a tool that can be used to calculate resourcing requirements on a quantitative basis.

A sample pricing matrix workbook for a Desktop Hardware RFP.

A sample invitation to vendors to submit a response to an RFI.

A brief examination into assessing spend and volume.

This diagram shows the process/methodology of Strategic Sourcing from assessing the opportunity through implementation.

This diagram illustrates Porters Five Forces Tool for Market Analysis.