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This video explains what return on net assets (RONA) is and how it is calculated.

Includes the benefits, a toolkit, tips for supporting and sustaining the process. Also includes details on benchmarking.

Includes a methodology for classifying providers as well as a matrix for ranking.

This Peer2Peer is to determine the software solution set you use in house today to manage procurement and outsourcing activity. Please respond to the following questions and note that the...

Please describe your procurement process? If possible provide your purchase process flow, including approvals. Or describe how your purchasing process is structured and how it operates, i.e.


Use this tool as a guideline for building a survey to send to your internal clients and assess your Sourcing department's performance. This document addresses how to scope, develop, test,...

This benchmarking survey with SIG members address supplier diversity spend

Items benchmarked:

  • Industry
  • Annual Impactable Spend
  • FY2017...

In early 2019, SIG conducted a rapid, simple benchmark with our buy-side practitioners.  

We asked contributors to share insights on:

  • Sourcing organization reporting structure...

Discover the key success factors every organization should consider.

Investopedia defines Return on Net Assets and breaks down its components. Click link to watch the video....