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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is redefining the sourcing marketplace and driving transformational change for both enterprise clients and service providers. Amidst this fundamental change,...

Up until late 1970s the phrases , “Offshore Outsourcing”, “Outsourcing” and “Offshoring” did not exist in the English language. Today, a business meeting does not go by without touching on one of...

Bloombergs Source to Pay Transformation.

Blackboard's Data Center Transformation

Over the last 12-18 months we have seen an evolution of the value that a services procurement solution can deliver. Customer demand for a solution in this space has matured beyond simply managing...

Being an Introvert or Extrovert in the Field of Strategic Sourcing: Impacts and Considerations - Adobe

Commercial Engagement in an Agile World

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Strategies to Future-proof Procurement