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Use this pricing sheet in an RFx for Air Travel / Airfare costs.

When negotiating in high-stakes, high-risk (“extreme”) situations with suppliers, the tendency is to act quickly and forcefully. Yet acting in haste to take charge and look in control often leads...

Use this tool to assess the supplier from publicly accessible information.

Use this tool to assess the impact of a proposal to partner on the supplier's operations.

Use this tool as a guideline for assessing the representative(s) from your supplier. The investigative tool will help determine how important your business is for your key supplier account...

In 2011 SIG conducted a survey of corporate user members requesting identification of the key drivers for selecting a procurement solution. The results are included in this report.

One of the most common questions asked as organizations become more sophisticated in their management of contract labor is centered around global best practices. Before diving headfirst into the...

Use this resource to support the standard operating procedure for an External Market Analysis.

Use this form to weight sections in an RFP for WAN technologies (or other RFPs)

This simple form provides a checklist of typical steps in the sourcing process.