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Companies are more concerned than ever about the reputations of the third parties that source, manufacture, transport, distribute, market and sell their products around the world. When assessing...

This information sheet provides an overview of information governance, include the important reasons for implementing a records and information management program (RIM).

Use this handy workbook as a tool to determine the benefits (or lack of) credit terms or payment term discounts.

Cross-Industry Report of Standard Benchmarks from total spend as percentage of sales to percentage of spend with diversity suppliers, across industries such as aerospace to utilities.

The recently published OCC Risk Management Guidance and Federal Reserve Guidance on Managing Outsourcing Risk renew and enhance the management of potential risks arising from the use of third...

Presentation discussing survey results about offshoring.

Presentation provides an overview as to the relevancy of compliance and then 20 best practices.

Topics include:

Why is compliance a major issue now? 

How to read and...