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RBC | AArete

Every large organization has internal audit, oversight, and governance policies that are in place to extensively manage the vast majority of vendor financial processes....

Triumph Aerostructures | GEP

While some companies are exploring Procurement Outsourcing for the first time, others are evaluating their contracts that are nearing term. Incorporating...

Queens College, CUNY | Clochase Inc.

It has been said that “innovation comes from the producer”. In today’s dynamic environment, how do you ensure your company innovates in order to stay...

NBCU Delivery model, Challenges for offshore in times of Geopolitical and Economic turbulence, managing outsourcing risk, overcoming challenges with a near shore model, Benefits of the model.

10 Proven ways to optimize the arrangements and reduce costs, 4 strategies to reduce costs and deliver measurable value.

A legal perspective on IT issues and concerns when outsourcing.

A presentation covering the ladder of commitment and how to build trust among sourcing and outsourcing partnerships.

This is an overview of Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

This presentation covers the commitment to Call Quality: Role of Call
Monitoring, An Overview of Speech Analytics, Using Call Centers to Improve Results:
The Role of Quality Assurance...