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Use this template to as part of your gateway process building. It includes planning and due diligence summary, contract summary, critical clause summary, exit strategy, vendor management plan,...

Use this pricing sheet in an RFx for Air Travel / Airfare costs.

Use this tool to develop your own core competency assessment.

Use this tool to develop a business case. It covers base case financial makeup, usage assumptions - resource baseline, factors, and samples.

This tool provides 13 different categories of risk assessment. Use it to develop processes and controls to manage your risk.

The document addresses risk from:

  • Internal Client...

Excellent checklist / template provided by the Sourcing Industry Group. Use this tool or template to build your own policy for how your procurement / sourcing professionals / category managers...

Use this tool to assess the supplier from publicly accessible information.

Use this tool to assess the impact of a proposal to partner on the supplier's operations.

Use this tool as a guideline for assessing the representative(s) from your supplier. The investigative tool will help determine how important your business is for your key supplier account...

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  1. At what threshold of business does your company perform an analysis of a...