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A summary of responses received for this Peer2Peer inquiry is available below.

Initiative Background:

We are looking at replacing the system we currently use...

Use this tool to design an effective PO matching process.

Use this handy workbook as a tool to determine the benefits (or lack of) credit terms or payment term discounts.

Outsourcing is an important, results-oriented vehicle for improving efficiency, lowering operating costs, and establishing a leaner re-skilled organization. However, it is also a major change...

"Sometimes referred to...

Resource Origin: ISO

"Around the globe, outsourcing is increasingly an opportunity to add value, tap into a resource base and/or mitigate risk. This International Standard aims to provide...

A brief overview of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Original Source:  EOI Escuela de Orgaization Industrail

This is a real-world example of an SRM program organizational structure.