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Google Approach to Strategic Sourcing

The following links are presentations from the New York City 2015 SIG Symposium.

As a procurement and sourcing professional, you employ the latest techniques, tools and technologies to ensure you are buying the right goods from the right supplier at the right price. You have...

Executing sourcing strategies based on the most reliable expense data is a powerful lever for procurement teams. Spend data which is easy to access and manage, available on desktops and mobile...

According to this study, non-labor costs account for 69.9% of total revenues. What opportunities exist for cost reduction and externalization? Enhanced visibility and greater control over the cost...

Use this tool to assess the impact of a proposal to partner on the supplier's operations.

This strategy playbook for data management includes market trends, opportunities and strategies.

Use this tool as a guideline for building transactional workflows for your procurement operations.