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Up until late 1970s the phrases , “Offshore Outsourcing”, “Outsourcing” and “Offshoring” did not exist in the English language. Today, a business meeting does not go by without touching on one of...

Bloombergs Source to Pay Transformation.

Join Johan Fafian and Martin O'Connor and find out how PwC is developing a segmentation model to view, rate, and manage your respective categories and suppliers.

When it comes to predicting the future of procurement, where you stand depends on where you sit. Executives and practitioners agree that the function is changing, and both groups are focused on...

Google Approach to Strategic Sourcing

The following links are presentations from the Minneapolis, MN 2016 SIG Symposium.

The New World of Work is Already...

Change Your Game in Category Management: Play to Elevate Procurement - Denali Group

Supplier Risk Management: Best Practices for Reducing the Cost of Compliance - Hiperos