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by James Vincent

The parts are the first structural airplane components to be approved by the FAA 

3D printing may not be the home phenomenon many hoped for...

Grocery suppliers are feeling the squeeze — big-time.


Last month, Walmart gathered some of America’s biggest household brands near its...

Perfect Commerce

Executive Summary:

Procurement. Considered by many to be the Cinderella of business processes; the Enfant Terrible of Broken...

Jamie Lancaster, VP, Indirect Sourcing, Kroger

I've read a great many books on negotiation.  Some of the most notable ones are Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and...

Original Source: Boundless Management via Lumens Learning

The development of a global economy includes important highlights to understand when considering its current framework..."


Original Source: Boundless Management via Lumens Learning

This covers the following topics:

- Common Markets

- The Export-Import Bank of the United States

- The...