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The best result of a conflict is a win/win outcome, since a conflict that is resolved with a winner and a loser has not really been resolved.

Best practices for understanding supplier financial ratings.

Watch this video to learn a simple model for forming your sourcing team.

John Evans, Managing Partner, Denali Group 

Today, we're seeing that effectively managing talent and knowledge within a procurement organization is more critical than ever...

Diptarup Chakraborti, Vice-President, Marketing, Zycus

It is no coincidence that transformation of procurement from tactical processor of POs into corporate strategic...

In this article, we discuss the basic principle and the advantages and disadvantages of using the net present value technique and the internal rate of return technique.

This is an example of a Standard Payment Terms clause in a sourcing agreement. The clause makes reference to the master agreement and includes the terms (within 30 days of the date of the supplier...

Internal rate of return, or IRR, is one of the most popular methods of evaluating potential projects. Learn more about this important metric.

View a video below by Investopedia on...

Original Source: Boundless Management via Lumens Learning

These are the lecture slides from Boundless Management's course on Globalization and Business.


Original Source: Boundless Management via Lumens Learning

The development of a global economy includes important highlights to understand when considering its current framework..."