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Sandeep Suresh, Head- Research, Neo Group ...

Dustin Burgess, Vice President, Strategy - Analytics - Metrics, PRO Unlimited ...

Outsourcing possibilities and pitfalls in China.

Article presenting results from survey on HRO.

Article discusses myths regarding outsourcing of finance and accounting.

Article discusses importance of governance in IT outsourcing.

Article about global outsourcing and the how to best simplify the process.

Article covers renegotiating versus rebidding ITO contracts for public sectors organizations with limited resources.

This white paper provides a point of view on how cognitive
computing can address the challenges of RPA and speaks to
specific examples of complex process automation and...

The objective of this report is to build a case for outsourcing the management of the contingent workforce to a third party Managed Services Provider (MSP). This report will discuss why and when...