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The Right Timing Can Help CMOs to Optimize Savings, Efficiency, and Trust.

How the Right Auditor Can Help CMOs Maximize Value and Achieve Key Objectives

Why Procurement Professionals Are Leveraging Contract Compliance Audits to Maximize Supplier ROI and Reduce Intense Cost Cutting Initiatives

Andrew Popler, SVP, Business Development, PRO Unlimited ...

Ted Sergott, PRO Unlimited

Mobile is a disruptive force that is here to stay. Some 42 percent of the world's population will own a smartphone by the end of 2015,...

This eBook explores various areas where an integrated MSP and VMS approach makes a tangible difference—either operationally or in terms of business value.

In this guide, we explore how independent contract compliance audits can help you more effectively address each top CPO priority, thereby reducing costs and risk while significantly driving...

How Senior Executives Are Separating Fact from Fiction to Improve Transparency, Efficiency, and Savings

How Procurement Professionals Are Helping Oil and Gas Executives to Embrace Audit Realities, Improve Efficiency, and Maximize Savings