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Marrena Anderson, CDR, CIR, Vice President, Denali Group ...

Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA) and Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) ...

Presented by GEP

An S2P solution is software empowering a process, and not a stand-alone set of functions • The implementation is an opportunity to look at what...

This webinar focuses on risk mitigation through KPIs, supplier scorecards, and cost reduction.

Sam Badal, Procurement Lead, Oculus VR
Sam has been in Sourcing/...

How to Hire, Engage and Retain Sourcing Talent with an Inter-Generational workforce.

Recruitment Outsourcing as a part of HR Outsourcing - benefits, considerations, issues.

This presentation includes 2008 supply market trends and predictions for 2009

This presentation is about Global CRE services Strategy, its tremendous layer of complexity, current service delivery methods and how to develop a sourcing plan.

Procurement's evolution has resulted in a major shift in requirements in supply chain roles.