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Marrena Anderson, CDR, CIR, Vice President, Denali Group ...

Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA) and Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) ...

Automation and Everything After: What the Cognitive Revolution Means for Outsourcing and Business by Jamie Liddell, Editor, Outsource

When people think of social media, words like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat come...

This presentation covers:

  • State of Procurement 2012 vs. Spring 2013
  • Pressures Facing CPOs
  • Trends to Watch
    • Emerging Markets
    • Tail End Spend
    • ...

The latest trends in:

  • Best Practices
  • Performance Metrics and Activity Based Costing
  • Category Spend Discussion
    • Print Services
    • Management...

Innovations have redefined the way we do just about everything—from getting information to traveling to buying. On a corporate level, innovation has redefined procurement and outsourcing as well...

SIG presentation regarding trends in sourcing and outsourcing, including operational advancements. This presentation was delivered in Sydney in September 2011.