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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecard for marketing agencies (in Excel).

Use this tool to design an effective PO matching process.

This overview provides guidelines on building a transparent reporting program for insight into Office Supply spend.

Use this document to help build your FM strategy.

Original Source: CNN Money by Matt Egan

"Wells Fargo used to be able to brag of a superior reputation, rich in history, and mostly clean of the mud from the Great Recession.

But over...

Original Source: Kathryn Dill, Forbes

"Earlier this year, Forbes released the 2015 list of The 100 Most Trustworthy Companies In America, culled from data provided by MSCI ESG Research. The...

Original Source: OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions)

"This is not a guideline. It is intended to communicate basic principles associated with reputation risk...

Original Source: Simplicable  by John Spacey

"Reputational risk is the chance of a loss due to damage or a decline in your reputation.

Business reputation can be damaged by actions...

Original Source: Risk Management Magazine by Nir Kossovsky 

"As a risk manager, you generally know three things about reputation risk: it is amorphous, invaluable and vaguely transferrable...

Original Source: CNN Money by Julia Horowitz

"What's in a name? A boatload of problems, if you're The Honest Company.

Jessica Alba's Honest brand made its name by selling nontoxic,...