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Original Source: Boundless Management via Lumens Learning

This covers the following topics:

- Common Markets

- The Export-Import Bank of the United States

- The...

Original Source:  Chris MacDonald, Ph.D. via The Business Ethics Blog


Original Source: World Trade Organization

"The trade forecast for 2014 has been upgraded to 4.7% from 4.5%, still below the 20-year average of 5.3% (1983–2013). A 5.3% increase in trade is...

Original Source:  Above the Standard Procurement Group

The difference between hard and soft savings and attaining Successful and Sustainable Plans.


Original Source: Performance Based Contracting

"Procurement organizations should seek to improve performance and lower costs through the use of performance based contracts that: (1)...

A presentation covering: Fast facts about Copyrights, Patents and Confidential information / trade secrets, Who owns IP? Who should own it? IP indemnities and Miscellaneous IP takeaways

Original Source: Dr. Arthur M. Langer, Columbia University via Springer

This resource includes a lot of great content that can be applied to more than just software development.  Some...

Original Source: Nearshore Americas

"Tom Young from Information Services Group helps explain why the days of the stringent, 1,000+ page request for proposals (RFP) might be numbered. For...

Original Source: New York State Association of Municipal Purchasing Officials

"Preparing a RFP even for the most complex procurements does not need to be difficult.


Resource Origin: SAP Ariba Webinar on YouTube

"Agenda • • •

Overview of Direct Materials Sourcing – Business Drivers and Challenges

Identifying and Improving Risk Mitigation...