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Use this handy workbook as a tool to determine the benefits (or lack of) credit terms or payment term discounts.

You have made significant investments in your ERP systems, but are you just getting by with their supply and contract management functionality? Are the capabilities ‘good enough’? This viewpoint...

This guideline attempts to provide a view of what is actually happening by examining the business drivers for adopting cloud. But these are still early days for cloud adoption, and both service...

Major concerns of Global Supply Chain: Managing expenses and dealing with the high prices for goods and
services, procuring quality materials, and transportation effi ciencies

This presentation includes Overview of research problem related to offshoring IT functions

Academic background

Conceptual framework

Research approach

A legal perspective on IT issues and concerns when outsourcing.

A presentation covering the ladder of commitment and how to build trust among sourcing and outsourcing partnerships.

This is an overview of Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

This presentation covers the commitment to Call Quality: Role of Call
Monitoring, An Overview of Speech Analytics, Using Call Centers to Improve Results:
The Role of Quality Assurance...