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Use this tool to build a performance management scorecard for your third parties. The workbook contains a sample performance recognition program.

This is a sample Code of Conduct that can be used as a template.

Use this tool to establish and measure skills for the professionals on your Sourcing team.

Use this pricing sheet to collect bids for a public relations or creative agency or advertising agency RFx.

Additional Resources: Access the...

A summary of responses received for this Peer2Peer inquiry is available below.

Original Inquiry

Our organization is implementing a new contract repository system, and we are...

Use this template for sourcing spend management solutions. Detailed information is available on Spend Visibility, Expertise and Support Services and Technology.

This workbook includes seven tabs covering each category. You will need to work your way through each tab, entering a percentage score in 10% increments for all 91 criteria. Scores are tabulated...

This document supports the standard operating procedure for an External Market Analysis, specifically an Industry Market Analysis, and includes an overview of the pre-qualification...

Use this tool to design an effective PO matching process.

This overview provides guidelines on building a transparent reporting program for insight into Office Supply spend.