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This overview provides guidelines on building a transparent reporting program for insight into Office Supply spend.

Blue Lynx Media, a Tribune Company | Dentons | EXL

Historically, when the Tribune Company sought to outsource various transaction processing, finance and accounting functions, it...

“Get over it: SLAs will make or break your business (and career).”

I heard that from more than one of my managers early in my career, way back when “we’ve done this for 20 years, SLAs are a...

Recommended service levels for governing HRO providers.


A satisfied customer equals customer loyalty and ongoing business. How are you gathering customer feedback and analyzing responses to implement impactful changes? In...

Grocery suppliers are feeling the squeeze — big-time.


Last month, Walmart gathered some of America’s biggest household brands near its...

Click the icon below to download the Manufacturing Roundtable presentation from the 2012 Global Sourcing Summit

Industry Staffing Challenges

- Today's Employment Demographics and Staffing Forecasts

- What This Means for Sourcing/Outsourcing Organizations

- Key Steps for...

Process improvement drives opportunity, this presentation is about recap of the Regions journey about its people, process, risk and technology, Case study on LOB engagement, benefits and results...