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Use this tool to build a performance management scorecard for your third parties. The workbook contains a sample performance recognition program.

Use this template as a guideline in building a survey to assess a user's hotel stay experience.

This is a sample Code of Conduct that can be used as a template.

Use this tool to establish and measure skills for the professionals on your Sourcing team.

Use this template to build an RFP for Business Applications. The template includes a supplier capabilities questionnaire, project scope details, pricing worksheet, and can be downloaded and used...

Use this template to build an RFx for Travel Management Services.

Use this template to build an RFx for bidding worldwide room rate quotes for company employees' hotel stays.

Use this tool to calculate cost avoidance or savings.

Use this as a template to build a workbook to evaluate the skills of your current or future team members. This is the criteria (skills grid) used to measure the ideal candidate for the purchasing...

Use this template to build a job description for an embedded contract specialist in the procurement / sourcing teams.