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Energy Future Holdings| Capgemini

The redefinition of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role in a business context has introduced greater strategic choice and led to a more...

Managing the procurement of contingent labor is not an easy task. Most companies rely on their historical rates or their supplier's proposed rates when negotiating for new talent. But neither...

| PASS Group

We live in a digital world where everything from content to commerce has moved online and applications are the lifeblood of many businesses...

Why and what should be renegotiated, steps in renegotiation process, factors in a successful negotiation.

Table of Contents:
• Context - Need for change
• SaaS

– What is it?
– Business case
– Hybrid Model (Initial)
– Hybrid Model (Final...

This presentation has a step by step guide for defining and valuing of market intelligence, building category specific market intelligence, and applying market intelligence.