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The Economic Environment and It's
Impact on Sourcing: Panelist questions.

Market intelligence for sourcing : supply risk management, cost reductions, budget planning, Credibility. How are leading companies leveraging market intelligence.

Topics discussed: Grow the Reach of Procurement, Improve and Expand Sourcing Execution, Review Relevant Case Studies

This presentation includes 2008 supply market trends and predictions for 2009

This presentation has a step by step guide for defining and valuing of market intelligence, building category specific market intelligence, and applying market intelligence.

Part II of Denali Group's three-part "The Procurement Technology Lifecycle" series is designed to assist decision makers as to how to best develop a business case for attaining approval for a...

John Evans, Managing Partner, Denali Group 

Today, we're seeing that effectively managing talent and knowledge within a procurement organization is more critical than ever...

In this whitepaper, Denali Group discusses essential components necessary to allow procurement to shift from a tactical mindset and retool for strategic category management. We’ll examine topics...

Two years have elapsed since our last white paper outlining the right mix of skills for the modern-day supply management professional. During the past 24-months additional insights have emerged...