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One of the most critical aspects of managing a successful global strategic sourcing organization is building and maintaining partnerships. Growing and sustaining cost savings success depends on...

Veolia Environmental Services | Denali Group

Veolia Environmental Services created a Center-led Strategic Sourcing department in August 2007. Over the last seven years, these...

Sample of Negotiation Strategy Development Template completed by Huntington Bank.

The Economic Environment and It's
Impact on Sourcing: Panelist questions.

Market intelligence for sourcing : supply risk management, cost reductions, budget planning, Credibility. How are leading companies leveraging market intelligence.

Topics discussed: Grow the Reach of Procurement, Improve and Expand Sourcing Execution, Review Relevant Case Studies

This presentation includes 2008 supply market trends and predictions for 2009

This presentation has a step by step guide for defining and valuing of market intelligence, building category specific market intelligence, and applying market intelligence.

Part II of Denali Group's three-part "The Procurement Technology Lifecycle" series is designed to assist decision makers as to how to best develop a business case for attaining approval for a...

John Evans, Managing Partner, Denali Group 

Today, we're seeing that effectively managing talent and knowledge within a procurement organization is more critical than ever...